Asset Management

Robert Doyle

Robert Doyle joined Axiom Capital in October of 2002. Mr. Doyle got his start in 1992 at Prudential Securities working in the Treasury Department and Corporate Executive Services Group. In 1996 he was recruited to start the Executive Services Group at CIBC Oppenheimer. At Oppenheimer he worked with an elite group of brokers and their clients as well as the firm’s investment banking clients handling all of their corporate and restricted stock transactions.

In 2002 Mr. Doyle joined Axiom Capital and made the transition to Asset Management. He continues to use his over 20 years of experience handling various asset management needs of a variety of clients. He continues to specialize in restricted and control stock transactions as well as complex option strategies.

Mr. Doyle holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Longwood University and an MBA in Banking and Finance from Dowling University.